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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 46 Subbed

Boruto naruto next generation episode 46
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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 46: The Crest Of Night Strategy

I’m going to give you a brief review about this episode, and spoilers about the next Boruto Episode 46 as well. So, fans who don’t like to read spoilers are requested to stay away.First let me talk give you all a brief review about what happened in episode 45. This episode showed us what motivates Ryogi as a child to join up with the Byakuya gang, which was his parents murder and his desire to help the poor. Also, it appears the leader of Byakugan gang, Gekko is about to execute the final part of his plan in Konohagakure. And lastly, the confrontation of the two friends, Shikadai and Ryogi stole the show as it was filled with emotions all over. I think the episode was much better than the previous episodes. I liked the emotions that were shown by the two friends when Ryogi was forced to disclose his secret.